Prescription opioids have long been considered the cause of soaring overdose numbers in America.  This has been trumpeted by  government agencies and repeated incessantly by media.  However, by the CDC's own admission, their data was wrong all along.  Here we will lay out how efforts in the United States are focusing on the wrong epidemic and are harming innocent people in pain in the process.

By the Numbers

Infographics, charts, and graphs to help clarify the prescription opioid data which you have seen widely reported - inaccurately

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Read the latest news headlines, medical studies, and relevant developments

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Help us to illustrate the scope and severity of the "unintended harms" to chronic pain patients and their medical providers

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Our Mission

The Partnership for Humane Pain Care is a collaboration of individuals on the front lines of the war on people living in pain.  Although our medical conditions may differ, we are united in working to bring attention to the facts about effective pain treatment in the United States.

We are committed to correcting the false information being widely disseminated about medically-appropriate opioid treatment and the risks of misuse and addiction for people in chronic pain.

Our goal is to ensure that the government agencies, legislators and governing state medical boards are empowered to make strategic policy decisions based on factual, evidence-based data.  In doing so, they will help to ensure that patients with any type of pain can receive the most appropriate medical care to treat their conditions without further government interference.


The Partnership for Humane Pain Care does not accept donations or sponsorship of any kind.  The views expressed by the Partnership for Humane Pain Care are those of the authors and represent no other views.   No member of the Partnership for Humane Pain Care accepts research funding, speaker's fees, consultancy fees, or honorariums.  No member of the Partnership for Humane Pain Care sits on for-profit or non-profit boards or maintains financial relationships with law firms, and no member (or their families) maintains more than 5% ownership of any organization.  There is no money here.  Just move along.