They already are – at a conference in Washington state next week.

Vancouver Washington,  August 2nd, 2019 – On August 7th and 8th, Washington State is hosting a two-day conference for regional health experts to explore ways to address the opioid crisis.  An additional day has been added entitled “Patient-Centered Approach to Chronic Opioid Management” ostensibly to address the growing needs and concerns of chronic pain patients on long-term opioid therapy. The Partnership for Humane Pain Care (PHPC) has recently learned that very few physicians with clinical or research experience in the field of pain management are on the agenda for the post-summit meeting on August 9th, and only two pain patients have been invited to participate. These attendees were last minute additions after the agenda for this additional day was made public, generating negative comments in the media and social media.

In addition, many other presenters at the conference have histories of anti-opioid zealotry, documented bias, and conflicts of interest, including financial gain.  It is PHPC’s position that this conference will do little to advance the discussion around chronic opioid therapy given the lack of expertise of the speakers and the lack of evidence-based conclusions available at this time.  Additionally, the funding provided for this post-meeting summit was granted by the Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery specifically for programs directly helping those with addiction issues.  It is PHPC’s opinion that this represents a gross misuse of funds that could have better served people in the community.

PHPC is a grass-roots organization dedicated to ensuring that people with severe chronic pain can live with the greatest quality of life possible.  We serve to raise awareness about the plight of pain patients and to speak out against harmful policies and misinformation.  There is much more to this story of how bias and invalid data is fueling much of the false rhetoric regarding prescription opioid use in America.  For questions or comments please contact us at