Share your story to help advocacy efforts!

If you are interested in sharing your story - whether you are a chronic pain patient who has been negatively impacted by the war on pain OR a medical provider who has been affected by reactionary and punitive policies which inhibit you from treating your patients - please share your experiences with us.

Illustrating the scope of the unintended harms to providers and patients will help to educate legislators, policymakers, and the public at large.

Patient stories: What to share?

Here are some things you might include:

  • The medical diagnosis/es which cause your pain condition(s) and roughly how long ago were you diagnosed?
  • When did you start taking prescription opioids to manage pain?
  • Which alternatives or interventional procedures (if any) have you tried?
  • When and how was your opioid therapy interrupted or threatened (if it has)?
  • How has your life has been impacted by the war on prescription opioids?

Tip:  Your story should be written in your voice.  Simply tell your story as if you were talking to a friend at the kitchen table.

Clinician Stories:  What to share?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What is your medical specialty/what type of medicine do you practice?  Are you an MD, PA, ARNP, ?
  • Do you currently prescribe opioids for acute or chronic pain?
    • If no (and formerly have), why and when did you stop?
    • If yes:  Do you have a personal, clinic, or hospital policy which requires an opioid MED dose ceiling?  What is it?
  • Have you had patients who were doing well on a stable, effective opioid treatment plan with whom you initiated an opioid taper to lower the dose or to cease opioid therapy?  Did the patient seek to taper, or did you initiate it?
  • What are your thoughts about local and national efforts to limit opioid prescriptions and opioid medication production?
  • What would you like legislators to know about what it is like to treat pain in America today?